10 beauty cheats every girl should know

Keira Lennox

{Inspired by Buzzfeed’s popular 27 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know.}


1. Mascara wands make the best eyebrow brushes. When its time to toss your favorite tube of mascara — you should replace every 3 months to protect your peepers from bacteria — save the wand. Wash it clean with soap and water and, voila, free brow spoolie!

2. Turn any eyeshadow into a long-lasting eyeliner with a drop of saline solution. I learned this trick years ago from Carmindy on What Not to Wear. Wet an eyeliner brush with a drop or two of saline solution (the same stuff you use to clean your contact lenses) then dip the brush into a powder eyeshadow and apply it like liquid liner. When it dries, it’s sweat and smudge proof and lasts all day. I love using this trick with purple, green and teal shadows…

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Early Theme Adopters: Spun

Neat spin on Polyvore, pinterest, Wanelo. AND its aesthetically appealing.

The WordPress.com Blog

Spun  has only been around for a few short months, but you’ll encounter its unmistakeable look on thousands of sites, from personal blogs to photographers’ homepages.

As the three sites we feature today show, you can tweak Spun‘s signature design, which organizes posts’ featured images into tidy rows of circles, without losing the theme’s blend of elegance and playfulness.

dreams of designer

dreams of designer spun theme

dreams of designer, a fashion blog, is using Spun‘s out-of-the-box look to great effect. The blogger has opted to keep each post’s featured image black-and-white on the homepage (the theme’s default). Then, when readers hover over the images, they pop with color again — a nice touch for the blogger’s curated looks.

Apply Generously: Nature-Yoga-Life

apply generously spun theme
Stephanie Floerke, the blogger behind Apply Generously, has embarked on a yearlong quest to publish daily on yoga, health, and travel.

Spun‘s layout combines her colorful photos into a cheerful mosaic, while her focus…

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Love Your Body

Self love res 500   LOVE YOUR BODY!  Ever get tired of hearing friends and even family say things like  “I’m so fat” or “I hate my stomach”… Most of the time the individuals behind these words  are healthy and not over weight. However, their negative self talk is anything but healthy. Keep in mind one simple rule: talk about yourself like you would a close friend. NO bad mouthing, or lamenting over last nights brownie. I mean really…we have eight year old girls here in the US that regularly start diets because they are already worried about their physique and aesthetic appeal. We’re so much more than that!!!

New makeup: RMS Beauty


A few weeks ago I realized that I was putting a lot of effort into what I put into my body (organic, Non-GMO, local food) but not what I put on my skin. This aha moment also happened because I was breaking out– badly. So, I did some research and found an organic brand that performs and doesn’t look like I got it at Whole Foods. It’s called RMS Beauty and I’m officially obsessed (what really sold me was when I found out the line’s cult Living Luminizer is what make the J.Crew models look so amazing).

It’s made with an organic coconut oil base so not only is it doing good things for your skin, it melts in for an incredibly dewy finish. Featured here: Un coverup in shade 22, Lip2Cheek in Smile, and Beauty Cream Eye Shadow in Seduce and my favorite lip glosses, Eve Lom…

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