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Pumps on My Mind!

As summer turns into fall, I’m stashing my sandals and thinking about shoes! Heels have been on my brain; specifically Kate Spade heels. I’ve always loved the craftsmanship and quality the Kate Spade New York consistently delivers. I’m particularly partial to the “Licorice” style. There’s something about the elegant pointed toe, the height, and the fit that consistently pulls me towards these heels. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some DVF heels, Troy Burch, and Schultz pumps. But Kate Spade has been on my fashion radar for so long, nothing seems to top them in my book. I’ll post some of the pairs I’ve recently acquired after the jump. Now, I definitely don’t need every pair and decided to make smart choices and sell a pair or two. I’m really into the blue croc pair and will definitely be keeping those! Its tough to decide on which pair(s) go to a new home. What do you think?

Kate Spade "Licorice" Blue CrocKate Spade "Licorice" Real Rose Printed

Kate Spade "Licorice" in Patent Camel




UPDATE: Get the Floral Pair now at


NC Wedding Photography!

While planning our wedding almost a year (!) ago, there were so many aspects and details to attend to, priorities to ensure were met, and just a lot to do!! I remember making a list of all that needed to be attended to, booked, and decided upon. One of most important pieces of the wedding for us was our photography. Pictures were something I wanted to hold on to forever and I was at a loss for who to call, what to ask for, and what prices were reasonable and doable. Reiss (the now husband:) mentioned he had a friend from college who did awesome extreme sports photography and weddings as well. So I checked out his blog and website and really liked his pictures and loved the ones from weddings he’d done in the past. They were extremely well done, contained all of the types of photos I would like at the wedding but had a unique flavor to them that brought them apart from your run of the mill “wedding pictures.” I liked that he had an organic approach to his work and his ability to capture natural emotion in his photos. They weren’t staged or fake. Thats what I wanted- real, unique and timeless….just like our marriage!

Reiss called Matt who’s based in Wilmington, NC and he was kind enough to drive to Asheville (6 hours away) not just for our wedding but also for our bridal shoot we took a few weeks before the wedding. His work phenomenal- so phenomenal our wedding is featured on Borrowed & Blue Asheville. Check it out here:

Matt was a blast to work with and produced images I’ll cherish forever. I know we’ll be calling him again to come hang out with us and for any pictures we would ever need in the future (baby pictures….someday)! So check out some of the work he did for us, and head to his Matt’s website or blog. If you give him a shout, he’ll be happy to make some amazing photos for you and have fun with you while doing it!

Dress Up the TShirt

Dressed up Tees!

dreams of designer....

l-163 This look started with the tank top and I decided how can I dress up this very casual top.   Instead of pairing it with shorts, I added mint jeans for a pop of color.  Next came the boots which are slouchy and casual so it keeps the theme of the shirt yet still dresses it up.  The perfect piece is the floral blazer because its fun and funky while tying in the entire outfit.  Because this look is busy and loud, I choose a bag that matches the pants and kept the accessories to just a chunky ring. Wear this to sporting events, out shopping, day time driving. Have fun upgrading your tshirts!
  • Victoria’s Secret Los Angeles Tee
  • Paper Dolls Floral Blazer
  • Supertrash Jeans
  • Burbery Burlison Shoes
  • Valentino Shoulder Bag
  • Oasis Ring
  • Daria Sunnies

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Feminism & Fashion: Controversy Unraveled

Fashion and feminism, to many, are like oil and water. How does one reconcile the desire to look good with a mindset that wants women to be judged by more than simply their appearance? The tension is rooted in more than just contradictory mindsets. There are also the fashion industry facts of body policing, of white-washing the runways, of the over-sexualization of the female form. The list goes on and oN.

Miuccia Prada, head designer of (you guessed it) Prada and Miu Miu, has recently admitted to Newsweek that her commitment to feminism was almost enough to dissuade her from entering the fashion industry. She told the magazine, “I was a feminist in the ’60s and can you imagine? The worst I could have done was to be in fashion. It was the most uncomfortable position.” Only later did Miuccia realize that the fashion industry could be a space for feminist thought and action. She calls her job “an open door to any kind of field. It’s a way of investigating all the different universes: architecture, art, film.” She also rejects the notion that fashion has to make its wearer beautiful or appealing: “I always say sexy dressing is fantastic if it’s a choice … If you want to go out naked, I like it. But if you do it because you want to get a rich husband, no, I hate it.” Her style is hers alone. No one else’s.

As a feminist who is obsessed with fashion, I admire Miuccia’s words. Fashion is meant as a tool of regulation: they, the fashion elite, are going to tell you, the consumer, what to buy, how to wear it, who to be. But (and this is a big but) there is always room for subversion. Fashion can be a tool of gender play, taking on traditionally masculine or feminine clothing and flipping the expectations that go along with it upside down. It’s also an industry that is chock full of powerful women. A glance at the Editors-in-Chief of the top magazines or the head designers reveals countless ladies in positions of power. By devaluing the traditionally feminine-associated enterprise of adornment, society gets to devalue women. Again. Enough is enough, man.