Day Planners: The Unstoppable Obsession

If someone would have told me a few years back that I would be head over heels for all things related to agendas and day planners, I probably would have laughed in their face. Then again I was in my early 20s and didn’t plan anything except for wine nights and what I was going to wear the next day. I’m approaching 30 and have decided to kick it old school with a written planner. Well, “a” planner isn’t exaclty correct. At this moment I own 6, yes 6. And they are all amazing. I’m partial to Kate Spade personal size planners. I’m not sure if its because they’re timeless and beautiful or because of their elusiveness, but KS planners kind of have my head spinning. I’ve recently learned that I am not the only one this has happened to. There are TONS of planner lovers/obsessors out there. On facebook there’s countless groups (I’m in most of them) devoted to the Kate Spade planner and filofaxes in general. There is something about the creativity and craftsmanship that comes along with owning a planner I find exciting. My new favorite pasttime is making dashboards and dividers for planners. Now I’m even selling them! Diving into the planner world has gotten me deep into the craft world. I dream of pretty cardstock and sparkly washi tape. I love stationary and my craft supplies keep growing, as well as my dashboard output. I know this all sounds a bit wonky but its really cathartic and helpful. Meeting other “Planner People” is also really neat. They get it. They understand the obsession and will help you hunt down your unicorn (planner lingo for someone’s dream planner), they will send you RAK’s (random assortment kits or random acts of kindness) that consists of a variety pack full of planner accessories- paper clips, page flags, stickers, washi tape, you name it! All of which is pretty and fun to swap. As geeky as it sounds, my planner swap buddies know a lot about me and are so supportive and kind. I love getting a RAK or creating the perfect one to send. I also love scoring the planner I’ve had an eye on and sharing the good news with a fellow filofax lover- they get it! Planner loving can be consuming and beware-addicting. I’ve seen some planners go for $700 on ebay and the average Kate Spade runs around $200 these days. But with good planner karma and patience, finding your unicorn can really be a reality. In addition to these fun parts of filo-loving the real deal comes with the organization planners provide. Like real life “I’ve got my shit together” organization. Schedule all written out, lists made, finances accounted for, and to-do lists checked off. They’re functional, beautiful, and fun. What could be better?

Check out some of the set ups from the  KS beauties I have now and previously owned.

IMG_5721 IMG_4202 IMG_4761 IMG_4448 IMG_4452 IMG_4913 IMG_4489 IMG_4493 IMG_4517 IMG_4518 IMG_4519 IMG_4531 IMG_4544 IMG_4546 IMG_4549 IMG_4552 IMG_4604 IMG_4608 IMG_4669 IMG_4670 IMG_4738 IMG_4679 IMG_4681 IMG_4733 IMG_4743 IMG_4753 IMG_4757 IMG_4758 IMG_4760 IMG_4829 IMG_4834 IMG_4894 IMG_4935 IMG_4988 IMG_4999 IMG_5099 IMG_5100 IMG_5129 IMG_5130 IMG_5146 IMG_5287 IMG_5289 IMG_5314 IMG_5318 IMG_5326 IMG_5349 IMG_5559 IMG_5561 IMG_5466 IMG_5469 IMG_5475 IMG_5596 IMG_5600 IMG_5621 IMG_5637 IMG_5747 IMG_5785 IMG_5803 IMG_5804 IMG_5968 IMG_6004 IMG_6007 IMG_6016 IMG_6022 IMG_6045 IMG_6048 IMG_6049 IMG_6069 IMG_6083 IMG_6098 IMG_6099  and the dashboards I’ve made to go with!


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