Pumps on My Mind!

As summer turns into fall, I’m stashing my sandals and thinking about shoes! Heels have been on my brain; specifically Kate Spade heels. I’ve always loved the craftsmanship and quality the Kate Spade New York consistently delivers. I’m particularly partial to the “Licorice” style. There’s something about the elegant pointed toe, the height, and the fit that consistently pulls me towards these heels. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some DVF heels, Troy Burch, and Schultz pumps. But Kate Spade has been on my fashion radar for so long, nothing seems to top them in my book. I’ll post some of the pairs I’ve recently acquired after the jump. Now, I definitely don’t need every pair and decided to make smart choices and sell a pair or two. I’m really into the blue croc pair and will definitely be keeping those! Its tough to decide on which pair(s) go to a new home. What do you think?

Kate Spade "Licorice" Blue CrocKate Spade "Licorice" Real Rose Printed

Kate Spade "Licorice" in Patent Camel




UPDATE: Get the Floral Pair now at 



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