A Guide to Makeup Brushes: Which Ones to Use and When

Make Up Brush Must Haves- I’ve had my Flat Stila Brush for 10 years (!!!)

Beauty High

It can be intimidating going into a beauty store and trying to pick out the right makeup brush. With so many options (and little explanation of what they are for) you can feel lost. This is completely understandable, not many people really know what each brush is actually for. We felt the same way. This inspired us to make a collective list of which brush you should use and when to use it.

There are assorted brushes for your face, eyes and even brows. Makeup tools are essential when perfecting your look. A powder brush should be part of every makeup kit. There is even a blending sponge, although it isn’t a brush, it is perfect for having flawless skin. As for your eyes, all of those small brushes can get confusing. We explain which one is for what and why it is ideal for eye shadows, blending, lining, etc.

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