3 Tips for “Tucking” a Faux Bob



Before the "Tuck"
Before the “Tuck”

Bobs. They are the go-to cut for celebrities everywhere. From lobs, to shaggy bobs and faux bobs, this infamous hairstyle is a regular on the red carpet. Celebrity Hairstylist Frank Barbosa who has worked A-listers like Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner, and Sarah Jessica Parker shares 4 tips for “Tucking” a faux bob.

1. Shorter Hair. “Tucking” gives the illusion of shorter hair without having to cut your clients’ locks off. Simply take the ends of the hair and roll them under or even over. But why this style? Worn curly or straight, it’s an easy way to re-invent your image and temporarily try out any length.

2. Variety. There are many variations to “tucking,” including a vintage version that includes a flashback to the ’50s or even looks from the ’20s as worn by Nicole Richie. A modern “tucking” includes various textures and angles. Think Taylor Swift. To veer away from a conventional bob, opt for an asymmetrical or A-Line tuck with longer tendrils cascading or by adding a braid.

3. Length = Look. To achieve a faux bob, the hair must have some length (at least hitting your client’s shoulders). It isn’t necessary to have ultra-long hair, just enough length to roll under or over.

Tucking How-To
To start, use a great working hair spray like IT&LY Pure Definition Hair Spray. It allows you to create a smooth finish or enhance texture while imparting shine and a natural hold. To begin, have your foundation ready to go. This means having elements like the part, texture choice or fringe already in place. Loosely gather the bottom portion of the ends of the hair and tuck under into a roll, securing with bobby pins. This is where you can also decide how short or long you would like to go. Remember, for straight hair; opt for a paddle brush to mold a smoother, sleeker “tuck”. Trying this out with a wave? Use your fingers to arrange curls in place (brushing will only disturb the texture).

Once tucked, work the style with your fingers to fan out the sides. Apply a headband or for added volume and tendrils, use the tail end of your comb to lift or pull out shorter pieces. Finish with more IT&LY Pure Definition Hair Spray for shine and staying power. Want more styling options? Add an accessory or even slide the hair behind one ear.

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My version of the tucked bob
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Resources http://www.behindthechair.com

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