Hair Care Line- What’s Rockin’ My Face Off Right Now

Behold the Beauty of Oribe

As we know there is an incredible amount of great products and product lines out there. However, its  beyond difficult to pinpoint one line that just is phenomenal and diverse. I mean anyone with any type of hair need, texture, etc. could use almost every product and have a happy result. Well Oribe (pronounced Or-eh-bay) has overtaken the realm of hair products. Oribe’s dry texturizing spray is addicting; I mean we might just buy stock. Its part dry shampoo, part volumizer, part smell-good deliciousness, and a heat protectant all in one. I’ve been a long time fan of Bumble & Bumble’s Does It All spray since it does it all. Oribe’s does more. It can make hair thats dirty, flat, or unmanageable into a sexed-up , messy-hot style or refined, polished coif. You pick.

Another favorite is their…(and I can’t believe I’m saying this) Superfine Hairspray. I am NOT a hairspray person. In fact, helmet head is a severe phobia and gives me flashbacks to the early 90s and all of the waterfall bangs that shouldn’t have happened. This hairspray is a game changer. It has a light but significant hold and doesn’t create that crunchy feeling ewwwww. Since I cut 12 inches off my hair (yes, 12) I have found that with these two products from Oribe I can do just about anything with my A-line bob. Straight, wavy, messy, whatever- it can happen with these produbts. I would love to own every Oribe product that ever existed but be cautious: These babies aren’t cheap. The full size dry texturizing spray runs for $42 and most of their products price points are around $50. Being broke never looked so good!!

I suggest buying their purse size set of sprays to try out. There’s four in the set including a Hair Refresher spray (read: post bar hair), and an anti-humidity spray. They also have smaller sizes in many of their products and I bet if you’re super nice to your hairstylist (given your salon is an Oribe salon) I bet he/she will give you some samples to take home.

I hope you find your hairspiration with a lil’ Oribe!

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