Skin Care Line Highlights: Caudalie

Everyone know that Spring is time to press the re-start button- out with the old in the new. This means only one thing- new skincare to try! If you aren’t already a subscriber to Birchbox, then I highly suggest you get on that train. Its $10 a month to get samples and travel sizes of the latest and greatest skincare/makeup/you name it. I’ve found quite a few new favorites simply by playing with the birchbox each month. Lately the best samples have been from a French skin care line called Caudalie.

Caudalie VinoSource Moisturizer and Body Creme

. caudalie-vinosource-products


Caudalie has quickly become one of my favorite skin care lines because each product is rich in natural ingredients and free of parabens. Caudalie epitomizes French traditions in skin care; focusing on the long term health results rather than a quick fix. Their products contain a variety of active ingredients that purge the skin from impurities. I particularly like the Vinosource line which contains nourishing ingredients such as grape water and polyphenols. It is also great for very sensitive skin.


The Caudalie body butter is definitely a luxury (runs about $34) but I’ve never found a product so helpful after a long day at the beach. I would pass on Caudalie’s  Beauty Elixir- basically a $50 fancy toner with a funky smell. Not that great.

However, the SOS VINOSOURCE S.O.S THIRST-QUENCHING SERUM is also pretty amazing. It moisturizes without feeling greasy and can be easily topped off with the Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. This moisturizer is perfect for people who don’t like the feeling of a moisturizer but want the benefits. Its lightweight and fast absorbing and leaves skin feeling fresh  and hydrated. I like a heavier moisturizer at night but fine this one to be great for day time if used with a SPF product.

Lightweight Moisturizing Serum
Lightweight Moisturizing Serum
Great Day Time Moisturizer
Great Day Time Moisturizer

I’m also a fan of their lip conditioner. Its kind of the boss when it comes to chap stick and keeps lips hydrated for much longer than any other product I’ve tried. Try it out in Caudalie’s 2014 Favorites Kit. The kit contains the lip conditioner and a variety of other products that will keep your skin healthy.

Definitely on my wish list!
Definitely on my wish list!

Overall Caudalie is the bees knees when it comes to skin care. Beware though because this line is not cheap! The high prices are somewhat justifiable but I would try to use samples of the products before purchasing to be sure its the product for you. This line is wonderful for people like me who have very sensitive skin and cannot tolerate harsh perfumes or irritants in skin products. The company is also very dedicated to the environment and ethical manufacturing procedures. They do not test on animals, use any type of animal derived raw material, and donate a proceed of their profits to charitable organizations.


Poly-what?? Grape water…??

Here is a list and information about the active and natural ingredients Caudalie is known for.

Grape-seed Polyphenols:

Claimed to be the most powerful anti-oxidant in the plant world

Resveratrol: These come from grapevine stalks and have anti-aging properties

Viniferine: Comes from grapevine sap and proven to be
the most effective natural molecule against dark spots and aids in evening out skin tone.

I hope your skin is graced by a Caudalie product this Spring!!


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